These Shoes Aren’t Made for Walking

These Shoes Aren’t Made for Walking

Millions of people use their feet every single day. They walk, jog, skip, hop and land on their feet. Humans have the unique capability to walk on just two feet. It sets us apart from many other mammals and provides us with many advantages on a day to day basis. The constant use and strain of our feet and ankles causes pain and problems as many foot doctors will acknowledge.


Shoes tend to cause a lot of foot and ankle issues. Heels, for example, are a prime suspect for pain, twisted ankles, corns, and other related foot and ankle conditions. Women aren’t the only ones who suffer from bad shoes. Men can also suffer from the footwear they choose. Loafers and other tight-fitting shoes squash the feet. Although heels, loafers, boat shoes, and other varieties are considered stylish, they severely hinder our feet when they do not fit properly.


If you plan to be on your feet all day, or your daily life style provides no alternative it is very important that you buy shoes that fit correctly. Proper stability, fit, and number of eyelets play a key role in shoe selection. Dr. Alan J. Discont and Dr. Krahn, both of Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC in Chandler, AZ, recommend buying shoes that give ample amounts of support to the plantar arch. This will help reduce pain and prevent plantar fasciitis. Dr. Discont and Dr. Krahn also recommend buying shoes that can properly absorb shock and give the heel a stable place to strike. This will help prevent twisted ankles, heel pain, and muscle problems later on down the road.

Buying the right shoe can truly make a vast difference in your lifestyle. Today, you can buy podiatric approved shoes in stylish designs. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and fits. You are even able to buy custom orthotics to assist the fit in your current shoes. Interested in buying the right shoe? Think you might need some custom orthotics? Call us today at 480-732-0033. You can also make an appointment online. We look forward to helping you get your foot in the door.