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The Way We Walk

Although we are not born walking on two feet, by age one most people have learned how to walk. We walk on our feet every day. We hike, march, climb, hop, skip, strut, prance and so much more all the time. Without the ability to walk and get mobile we wouldn’t be able to see the world, partake in any sport we wished to, or have a higher quality of life. At Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC our podiatrists know just how important walking is to you.  So much goes into the way we walk and it is important that we understand how it even works.

Our gait, or the way we walk, is made up of 2 separate parts that come together to make one fluid motion. The two pieces that make up our gait are the “stance” and the “swing”.

Stance is when our feet are planted on the ground. Our heel first strikes the ground when walking. Then it rotates and goes forward so that the toes and the forefoot hit the ground. Without stance, we would not have balance and stability.

Swing is when your foot is in the air actually in motion. Specifically, it is when you are walking and your foot is not touching the ground at all and is moving forward instead. This gets us where we need to go and puts us back into our stance to gain stability and balance.

These two important steps in walking make up our gait. Every person’s gait is a bit different and can set them apart from other individuals. For the most part though, steps are taken evenly, your legs are in line with the center of your body, and your feet are in line with your legs. This typical gait allows for your joints, muscles, and tendons to work together seamlessly and prevents problems.

If your gait is not quite right, meaning your legs are not in line with the center of your body, you have a limp, or pain in your legs, hips and back, it is important that you see a podiatrist right away. Dr. Alan J. Discont and Dr. Krahn’s office is conveniently located in Chandler, Arizona. Call 480-732-0033 or request an appointment online today. We are here to help.