High Heels Cannot Back Your Body Posture or Health Well

High Heels Cannot Back Your Body Posture or Health Well

High heels can cause back pain.High heel enthusiasts know the benefits of their beloved footwear; offering height and a fashionable appearance. However, according to writer Karen Appold of Lehigh Valley, PA; do the potential risks outweigh the benefits?

According to Appold, high heels affect your body’s gravity and alignment impacting back and posture support. High heels can also place your foot and ankle to turn in an outward position, causing risk and injury to your ankles. Another reason according to Appold is that back’s normal s-curve acts as a shock absorber, causing stress to be minimized on the vertebrae. High heel usage causes low-back spine flattening and displacement from the head and spine.

Wearing high heels can cause discomfort or difficulty in standing or walking, if you have concerns over the usage of high heels you should seek the aid of a podiatrist like Dr. Alan Discont of Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC. Dr. Discont can provide you with more information on alternative footwear as well as further details on foot and ankle pain you may be experiencing from heels.

Wearing High Heels and How it Affects Feet

High heels affect what parts of the body?

· Joints in the Ankle
· Balls of the Feet
· Achilles Tendon
· Knees – heels cause the knees to bend constantly, creating stress on them
· Back – they decrease the spine’s ability to absorb shock, which may lead to back pain.  Also, the vertebrae of the lower back may compress.

What problems can arise from long term use of high heels?

· Calluses
· Corns
· Morton’s Neuroma
· Plantar Fasciitis
· Bunions
· Hammertoe

For more information on maintaining proper foot health while wearing high heels, visit our link at the bottom.

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