Bunion; Rhymes with Onion

Bunion; Rhymes with Onion

It isn’t just a strange word that makes you think of an onion, but like an onion, there are some layers to peel to get to the center of the problem with bunions.  If one or some of these layers are ignored then other problems can occur, for example, hammertoes. Hammertoes are a deformity by itself but can be prevented with early diagnosis and treatment in most cases. Corns and Calluses can develop with hammertoes as well, spiraling more issues from the original bunion.


  1. Bone deformity can be inherited or caused by other conditions or complications.
  2. Enlarged joint becomes a problem because of the bunion’s pressure.
  3. Overlapping the third toe is caused by the big toe angling in towards the other toes.
  4. Irritation is a result of the overlapping.
  5. Inflammation develops because of the friction and pressure from the bunion rubbing inside the shoes.
  6. Rotation and twisting manages to happen as the bunion gets worse but there is always surgery that may be considered if other options fail.


  1. Protective padding will eliminate friction on the bunion while wearing shoes and walking around during your day.
  2. Remove corns and calluses so that the “spin off” of more problems can stop in the early stages of progression.
  3. Shoes are always a concern and/or a remedy. Find shoe wear that suits the shape of your foot, it is really very simple.
  4. Exercise maintains mobility! Three of the most practical words you can remember when it comes to promoting good health,
  5. Splints can defiantly aid after the fact and help re-align the joints.
  6. Surgery is usually a last resort but a bunionectomy may be advised if the progression is past other treatment options.

Alan J. Discont DPM, specializes in bunions and can offer the type of service it takes to stop the problem from the start. He will give you the most modern care available along with a speedy return to your normal activity. Quick relief is available if you act on your ailments as soon as they give you trouble. Family Foot & Ankle Care, located in Chandler Arizona, can make your appointment today by calling 480-732-0033.  Let’s start peeling that onion so we can heal that bunion!