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Are Your Feet on Fire?

Do your feet feel like you are walking on hot coals but you’re not a firewalker? There is no magic here but there are several reasons that can cause your feet to burn. Dr. Discont and Dr. Krahn specialize in burning feet and can offer some information that will help you diagnose and treat your ailments.

Here are some of the offenders:

  • Nerve damage can make your feet feel like they are burning since the nerves are not functioning properly
  • Fatigue and over exertion can cause temporary burning in your feet
  • Excessive alcohol intake is hard to measure but should be considered
  • Exposure to certain toxins in drugs and supplements can damage peripheral nerves and blood vessels causing swelling in feet
  • Vitamin deficiencies in B12 play an important role with the nervous system, therefore lack of this vitamin can contribute to burning
  • Hypertension is related to blood circulation which can be a contributor as it effects the pulse rate in your feet
  • Infectious diseases such as HIV and Lyme can create some issues with your feet and burning is among them

The common thread here is nerve damage or the effects of nerve damage and is all related to the sensation of burning and tingling whether it be temporary or permanent.  Diabetes, which we did not mention earlier, is the most dangerous since it threatens so many other parts of one’s health. If you suffer from diabetes and your feet are burning, then you should contact a doctor right away.

Put the fire out with these remedies:

  • Exercise has long term effects on curing burning feet. Blood circulation is compromised when burning occurs therefore, getting those limbs moving is essential
  • Vitamin B3 also known as niacin strengthens the nerves and prevents them from breaking down
  • Cold foot bath is recommended to cool the feet and temporarily relieve pain
  • Strong shoe insoles will protect the feet from friction and creates a cushion to minimize pain
  • Hawthorne and/or thyme are herbs that help increase blood flow and dilate the blood vessels to help circulation
  • Barefoot walkers are better than firewalkers! If your feet start to burn remove your shoes and enjoy the soft grass or sand for a few minutes

While most of these are temporary relief solutions to burning feet, you can seek help from Family Foot & Ankle Care PC to get more permanent treatment. Arizona may be hot but your feet do not need to be. Call Dr. Discont in Chandler AZ at 480-732-0033 and set up an appointment to cool your soles!