FAQs About Bunions

FAQs About Bunions

Family Foot & Ankle Care is here for all your foot care needs in Chandler, AZ. Bunions are a common complaint among patients and our dedicated podiatristĀ Dr. Alan Discont can help with various treatments. Read our most common questions about bunions and contact us for treatment if you have bunions in Chandler, AZ.

What Are Bunions?

A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the big toe. It is technically a bone deformity, but a bunion usually causes other painful problems like swelling around the big toe joint and blisters and calluses that form on the other toes being forced together.

What Causes Bunions?

Bunions are most often caused by consistently wearing constrictive footwear. When the toes are forced together in a tight toe box, the big toe is bent towards the other toes and over time this causes the deformity.

Anyone can get a bunion, but they are more common for women due to constrictive footwear like high heels that force the toes together. Some people are also more prone to develop bunions because of the anatomy of their feet.

How Are Bunions Treated?

If you have a bunion your podiatrist's first recommendation will be to wear comfortable and supportive footwear as often as you can. When your shoes have a large toe box it gives your toes room to wiggle and takes the pressure off the big toe.

Foot orthotics are worn inside your shoes and help to realign the bones in your feet as you walk, and they can help relieve pain caused by bunions. Wearing a splint or brace on the big toe to straighten the toe can also be helpful if the bunion hasn't become severe. A bunionectomy is typically only performed when other more conservative treatments haven't relieved your pain.

We treat bunions at Family Foot & Ankle Care in Chandler, AZ. Our team of podiatrists can help you with treatment for bunions and other foot ailments. Contact us for an appointment to treat your bunions in Chandler, AZ, at (480) 732-0033.