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How We Can Help Treat Your Ankle Sprain

Most people regard sprained ankles as minor injuries, yet sprains can keep you off your feet for days or weeks, depending on their ankle sprainseverity. The Chandler, AZ, podiatrists at Family Foot & Ankle Center offer treatments that can relieve your pain and improve the stability of your ankle.


What causes sprains?

Sprains happen when the ligaments that hold the bones in your ankle joint together stretch or tear. You may have gotten your sprain stepping in a hole, running, jumping, or walking on an uneven surface. Some people may also develop sprains if their feet turn inward when they walk. Have you sprained your ankle in the past? Unfortunately, once you've had one sprain, it's quite easy to re-injure the ankle.


What should I do if I have a sprain?

Do you believe in the "no pain, no gain" school of thought when it comes to exercise? Unfortunately, walking or running through the pain will only lengthen your healing time. Rest is very important if you've sprained your ankle!

Keep your ankle elevated as much as possible after your injury, and use ice packs and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories to decrease pain and swelling. Wrapping the ankle in a compression bandage will also help reduce swelling.

Make an appointment with your Chandler foot doctor if:

  • It is difficult or impossible to put any weight on your foot.
  • You're in severe pain.
  • Your sprain hasn't gotten any better after a week or two of home care.

It can be difficult to heal if you have to walk every day, even if you're only walking from your car to your office. Your podiatrist may recommend that you wear a cast or boot and use crutches to decrease pressure on your ankle and give it a chance to heal.

Physical therapy may also be recommended. During your therapy sessions, you'll concentrate on strengthening the muscles that support your ankle. Keeping your muscles strong will not only help you recover from your sprain but can help you avoid re-injuring your ankle.

Most people don't need surgery for a sprained ankle, but it may be necessary if your ankle has become unstable.


Give us a call!

A visit to the podiatrist can ease your recovery from a sprained ankle. Call your Chandler, AZ, podiatrists at Family Foot & Ankle Center at (480) 732-0033 to schedule an appointment.