When To See Your Chandler Podiatrist In 2021

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When To See Your Chandler Podiatrist In 2021

Foot and ankle problems make walking, standing, and carrying out your usual daily activities difficult. Fortunately, your podiatrists in Chandler, AZ, at Family Foot & Ankle Care offer helpful treatments for a variety of foot and ankle conditions.

Do you know when to make an appointment with your Chandler, AZ, foot doctor?

It's a good idea to schedule an appointment if you experience any of these issues:

  • A Foot or Ankle Injury: Pain and swelling due to an injury may gradually get better if you stay off your feet as much as possible for a few days. If your pain is severe or hasn't decreased in a week or two, it's a good idea to see a podiatrist. If you force yourself to carry out your usual schedule despite the pain, you may very well end up regretting your decision. If injuries aren't treated promptly, pain or mobility issues could become chronic and affect your ability to walk, stand, or move easily.
  • Pain: Pain is a common complaint in foot and ankle conditions ranging from ingrown toenails to retrocalcaneal bursitis to plantar fasciitis. As pain is a sign that something isn't quite right, it should never be ignored.
  • Changes in the Appearance of Your Feet or Ankles: Does your foot or ankle look deformed after a fall or accident? You may have dislocated or broken a bone. Get in touch with your podiatrist as soon as possible if you suspect a broken or dislocated bone. Do you have a bump at the base of your big toe (bunion) or a bent toe (hammertoe)? Your podiatrist offers treatments that improve the alignment of your toe and reduce your pain.
  • Infection: Redness, red streaks, pus, and warmth can be signs of an infected wound, as can a fever. Call your podiatrist right away if you notice any of these signs. If you're a diabetic, a foot infection could lead to serious health complications. Don't attempt to treat wounds at home if you have diabetes, as they may be more likely to become infected.
  • Unusual Sensations: Does your foot feel cold, warm, or numb? Do you have a tingling or pins-or-needles sensation in your feet? These symptoms could indicate a problem with your nerves or circulation and should be evaluated as soon as possible.

Ease your pain with a visit to your Chandler, AZ, podiatrists. Call Family Foot & Ankle Care at (480) 732-0033 to schedule your appointment.