What to Do About Flat Feet?

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What to Do About Flat Feet?

Your Chandler podiatrist offers up a variety of ways to care for your flat feet.

Do you suffer from flat feet? While this is usually a relatively common and innocuous condition, there might be moments when this condition can still cause you pain in the feet, legs, and even lower back. If you are experiencing issues caused by your flat feet, your Flat FeetChandler podiatrist Dr. Alan Discont may recommend any of these options for treating your condition:

Conservative measures

The first course of action for treating minor foot problems includes certain measures you can do conveniently from the comfort of your own home. This means asking your Chandler podiatrist Dr. Discont about stretching and strengthening exercises you can incorporate into your daily routine. You can also wear orthotic devices and inserts to help stabilize and support the foot during physical activity.

Resting and icing your feet when you experience pain and swelling can also reduce your flat feet symptoms. If you don’t notice a change after using over-the-counter pain medications or after adopting some of these treatments, then it might be time to talk to your Chandler podiatrist Dr. Discont about corticosteroid injections, which can also help with swelling and pain.

There are some health conditions like obesity and diabetes that can make flat feet worse. If you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic health problem that increases your risk of flat feet symptoms then it’s time to work with both your Chandler podiatrist Dr. Discont and general doctor to find ways to manage your health. By getting your weight and health under control, you can easily reduce many of your foot problems.

Treatment for more severe cases

The majority of flat feet cases find the relief they need with these more conservative treatments; however, if you are still experiencing severe or debilitating pain, then your Chandler podiatrist may advise you to have surgery. There is a variety of different surgeries available to those with flat feet. Some surgeries work by fusing certain bones together while others remove bone spurs or reshape the bones in the foot. Your Chandler podiatrist will discuss your surgical options for you when it’s time.

Are flat feet making physical activity or even just day-to-day living a royal pain? If so, then it’s time to see your Chandler podiatrist for answers. Schedule an appointment today and say goodbye to foot pain.