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Every foot is different. Here at Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC in Chandler, AZ, Dr. Alan Discont and his staff have seen all types, shapes, and sizes of feet. They have seen and treated narrow feet, wide feet, flat feet, high arched feet, and everything else in-between. They have seen deformities, diseases and injuries. Nothing surprises them when it comes to feet.

Flat feet, also known as Pancake feet, are very common in the United States. These types of feet can cause pain in day to day activities. Although many people can argue about what constitutes a flat foot, there is a general consensus of what makes a flat foot. Usually, a foot is considered flat when the arch of the foot is lower than an average foot’s arch. 

Flat feet have pain due to lack of support and excess use. The heel gets the brunt force of weight when walking, jogging, or partaking in other daily activities. The heel starts to ache due to the overuse and can cause the patient pain. Calluses, corns, and other disorders can occur to flat feet. Usually, these other injuries happen if the patient has poorly constructed shoes.

Previously, flat feet were so detrimental to daily life, that they could disqualify a person from entering the military. Others were not allowed to play sports if it was found out that they had flat feet. Today there are many ways to treat and prevent pain from flat feet. Proper fitting shoes can benefit those with flat feet and help reduce pain. If you buy a shoe with arch support and stability it can make a drastic difference in your life. Stretching your feet also helps the arch and muscles in flat feet. It exercises the tendon, allowing it to be more flexible and prevents more pain.  Another option is orthotics. A podiatrist can custom make an orthotic so that it better fits your shoes and prevents the pain and suffering in the feet.

Have shoes that just aren’t cutting it? Does your arch seem lower than average? Give us a call at 480-732-0033 to make an appointment with Dr. Discont. Alternatively, you can make an appointment online. At Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC our goal is to deliver personalized, friendly care of the highest quality.