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Fighting a fungal infection that is embedded in the toenail can be very hard. Not only does over-the-counter anti-fungal cream rarely work, it can sometimes make the infection worse. Even a podiatrist who prescribes medicine to treat toenail fungus knows that it may not always work. Conveniently, due to medical advancement, there are other options out there that can help you get rid of your toenail fungus. One such option is laser fungal treatment.

Before you get your fungus removed with a laser, you should know the basics of toenail fungus. Onychomycosis is a fungal infection that tends to affect the toenail and the toenail plate. It is more commonly found in older men, but it can infect any person of any age. It is hard to treat this type of fungus because it lives in dead tissue. This makes it hard for anti-fungal medicines to do their job and remove the fungus.

Lasers are a newer type of technology that helps doctors treat an array of different problems. One such problem that can be treated by lasers is toenail fungus, specifically onychomycosis. These lasers produce a strong light energy that is capable of being projected into the tissue. The laser heats up and allows for the dead tissue to be destroyed, which kills the fungus.

Are lasers the best method for treatment of toenail fungus and onychomycosis?

Lasers are a relatively new technology, but there have been ample studies that have proven the positive effect of the treatment. Patients all over the United States have been able to cure their toenail fungus and onychomycosis because of the development of laser treatment. The best way to decide whether or not laser treatment is right for you can only be determined by your podiatrist. If you have a fungus growing on your toenail, make an appointment with your podiatrist right away. Your podiatrist may decide that a course of antibiotics might be the best way to start treatment, or they may recommend laser treatment right away.

We are happy to help! Dr. Alan J. Discont and Dr. Krahn of Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC, located in Chandler, Arizona, can accurately diagnose your problem and begin effective and long-lasting treatments. Call 480-732-0033 or make an appointment online today. Fungus doesn’t have to take over your life.