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Does Neuro Mean Nerve?

These medical labels and names can sometimes be scary when we hear them from a doctor or read them on line as we try to self-diagnose. Alan J. Discont, DPM and Dr. Krahn  at Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC specialize in nerve problems associated with your feet and can give you a clear understanding of your condition without making it sound tragic. Let’s take a closer look and dissect some of them to form better understanding for us layman.

  • Neuroma ~ an enlarged benign growth of nerves that are caused by the foot’s tissue rubbing against the nerves. You may feel a sensation of numbness, tingling, burning or pain in the ball of your foot.
  • Ischemic Foot ~ causes a decrease in blood flow from the heart to the feet. You may experience muscle cramping, discoloration, cold feet and eventually ulcers.
  • Chilblains (cold feet) ~ this must be the reason we lose our nerve at times with cold feet? Well, not this time. This kind is affiliated with the skin and how it reacts poorly to the cold. Circulation can be an issue and you may develop redness, swelling and itchy skin.
  • Acrocyanosis ~ this disorder is painless but effects the blood supply from the arteries to the skin. It usually doesn’t turn into a more serious condition but can be a sign of having another condition in the body. Your feet may be constantly cold, sweaty, swollen or discolored.

Nerve or vascular problems, such as mentioned above, have two things in common, blood flow and circulation. The treatment for most of these are simple and can be done with some home care and a quick trip to the podiatrist. If left unattended however, this could cause more serious conditions, especially in diabetics. Walking, exercising, keeping your feet warm, wearing shoes that give your feet room to wiggle are all good affordable ways to keep your feet clear of vascular difficulty, which sounds more difficult than it really is.

Educating yourself is wonderful but make sure that your doctor gets involved before you have convinced yourself that you have all the above conditions! If you need a diagnosis contact us in Chandler Arizona at 480-732-0033. Don’t let your cold feet make you avoid the doctor!