App allows Barefoot Runner to run for Charity

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App allows Barefoot Runner to run for Charity

barefoot-running7.jpgApple and Android app Charity Miles allows users to earn corporate sponsorships for charity while walking, running, or biking. Charity Miles founder and developer Gene Gurkoff spent a lot of time running for charity while in law school, raising money for Parkinson’s Disease in honor of his grandfather. One Charity Miles member, Jake Brown, is running across the United States barefoot from west to east. Brown met up in New Mexico with Jack Fussell, another Charity Miles member, before continuing on his way.

If you have any concerns about barefoot running, contact Dr. Alan Discont, D.P.M. of Family Foot and Ankle Care. Dr. Discont will treat your foot and ankle needs.

Barefoot Running

Barefoot running is a fairly popular trend in the running world. More than just simply ‘running without shoes,” barefoot running affects the way your feet hit the ground and your overall posture. Barefoot runners land on the front part of their feet as opposed to those who wear shoes, who usually strike their heel as they hit the ground.

Barefoot running contains many advantages, including:

  • A lower risk for ankle and foot injuries
  • Improvement in balance and body  posture
  • Strengthens muscles in the lower legs, ankles and feet that are not normally worked when wearing shoes

There are also some disadvantages to barefoot running, which include:

  • Lack of shoes increases the risk of incurring blisters, scrapes, bruises and cuts
  • Risk of Achilles tendonitis as a result of landing on the front of your feet constantly
  • Needing time and transition to adjust as the switch cannot be automatic

Start on even, flat surfaces and consider investing in minimalist running shoes. Minimalist running shoes provide the ‘feel’ of barefoot running while affording the same protection you get from wearing shoes. Barefoot running can be safe and enjoyable with the proper planning and transition.

If you have any questions, please contact our office in Chandler, AZ. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.

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