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By Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC
March 01, 2017
Category: Foot Care

Foot and ankle injuries among dancers is common, particularly in the foot and ankle and understanding the potential injuries can keep dancers on their toes!

The 3 most common injuries in dancers:

  1. Stress Fractures
  2. Tendon Injuries
  3. Sprains and Strains

Any foot or ankle injury that includes bleeding, severe pain, loss of sensation or increased weakness should be brought to a doctor’s attention for evaluation.  Dr. Discont and Dr. Krahn specialize in foot and ankle injury treatment.  In addition to the three most common injuries, we also see Morton’s Neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis from over usage of feet and ankles among dancers. These conditions are similar in that they consist of pain in between the 2nd and 3rd toes and can feel like pins and needles, numbness, or burning sensation in the feet. Symptoms become more intense when wearing the wrong shoe.

Dancing on Pointe is the culprit for another condition called Tendinopathy. Tendinopathy is a disease of the tendon and can cause tenderness and/or pain while dancing but can be managed by wearing a brace.

Common risk factors associated with dance injuries:

  • Duration of training
  • Type of dance and frequency of dance activity
  • Floor/ground conditions
  • Equipment, costumes and shoes
  • Dancer’s body alignment
  • Prior injuries
  • Nutrition and health

The dance world is filled with excitement and movement! A foot or ankle injury is not often considered when emmeshed in this art.  If you take time to think before you enter the studio or the stage, you may enjoy more of your performance and stay healthy for years to come.

Preventative steps to stay safe while dancing:

  • Work with your teacher and medical professionals with any previous injuries or conditions
  • Wear properly fitted shoes always
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Do not dance through pain
  • Know your body’s limits and adhere to them
  • Include proper warm up and cool down in your classes and performances

While ballet is a beautiful and graceful movement, we know that there are consequences for practicing this art over many years. These injuries can develop over time or happen spontaneously with a quick twist of the foot or fall.  At Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC we strive to keep you active so call us at 480-732-0033 and schedule a visit to our Chandler, AZ office. The bottom line is that your feet should move you safely through the art of dance!