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By Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC
March 15, 2018
Category: Foot History
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Our body has done amazing things all through time. Not only do we use our body to build things, we use it for transportation and to learn as well. The feet have been a means of transportation since human life began, but did you know the feet were also used as a measuring tool?

Years ago, the length of the foot was used as a form of measurement. Also, the distance of a step was used as a different type of measurement. The measurement “foot” used to refer to 11 1/42 inches. Today, the measurement has now become 12 inches, which is the average length of a male foot. Another common type of measurement was called the “pace.”  The ancient Roman army used to march everywhere. When they marched, they marched in paces. A pace was equivalent to a double step.  A double step equaled about 5 feet. This means that 1,000 paces were equivalent to marching one mile. Today a pace is smaller. Its measurements are estimated at about 2.5-3 feet.

Marching and using the feet as a measurement can pose a safety hazard in today’s world. This is why we now have a ruler, a yardstick, and other different tools to help us measure what we need. If you do try out marching and experimenting with the size of your foot and its equivalent measurement, it is important that you do so with the proper footwear. Footwear that has good shock absorption, stability and support are recommended when marching for long periods of time. Also, consider giving your feet a break in between, especially if they are not used to the amount of activity you are performing. If overused, your feet can suffer from conditions such as bunions, strains, sprains, and tears.

If you injured your foot while measuring something or while marching, it is important to see a podiatrist right away. They can examine your foot and determine exactly what ailment you are suffering from. Call Dr. Alan J. Discont and Dr. Krahn of Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC located in Chandler, Arizona. Call 480-732-0033 or make an appointment online today. Learn about the history of feet and how to heal them.