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By Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC
February 15, 2017
Category: Foot Care


At Family Foot & Ankle Care in Arizona we understand the sport of skiing and want to keep our patients safe on the slopes. Now is a good time to call us at our Chandler office and make sure your feet and ankles are ready to lock into those boots and bindings.

Five tips to avoid common ski injuries:

  • Make sure your boots fit correctly ~ do not borrow boots ~ rent or buy ones that keep your feet and ankles in place
  • If you typically wear any type of custom orthotics or shoes you should bring them with you when being fitted for your boots
  • Having the right ski sock is also important ~ they come thin or thick and should be considered when trying on boots to rent or purchase
  • Most obvious, if you experience pain before skiing you should reconsider hitting the slopes
  • Lastly it is wise to stretch or exercise your feet and ankles before you hit the snow ~ cold weather tightens muscles even more than normal

Common ski injuries that may occur from not taking precaution:

  • Ankle or foot sprains
  • Ankle or foot fractures/breaks
  • Frost bite on toes
  • Numbness in ankles, feet or toes

If you have suffered a foot or ankle injury or would like to schedule a routine visit for the winter season call us at Family Foot & Ankle Care PC  in Chandler at 480-732-0033 or request an appointment. Don’t go toe to toe with the snow without seeing Dr. Discont or Dr. Krahn first, it beats going to see him after!