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By Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC
February 10, 2017
Category: Foot Pain

Your feet need to carry you through the day and if they are not cooperating, you may want to ask yourself these 5 simple questions to see if there is something more to your foot discomfort or pain.

  1. Do you feel like your feet have pins and needles poking into them?
  2. Are your feet cold while the rest of your body seems to be at the right temperature?
  3. Have your feet become pale or changed in color to a light red or blue?
  4. Do you have sores on your feet that are not healing quickly?
  5. Have you noticed a slow growth pattern in your toe nails or toe hair?

Life does not always allow the time or convenience to maintain an ideal lifestyle. Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC  can provide you with the treatment you need if you can identify with one or more of the following:

  • Unhealthy lifestyle decisions
  • Not exercising enough or at all
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Poor food and meal choices

However, there are some helpful steps you can take to prevent poor foot circulation that does not require a huge change in your daily lifestyle:

  • Good foot hygiene and taking care of your corns and calluses right away
  • Inspect your feet for change in color or sores that have not healed
  • Wear proper shoes  that do not create pressure on parts of your feet
  • See your doctor to treat wounds or infections before they become worse

If numbness or tingling in your feet occurs you may be at risk for  more serious diseases.  Some of these habits associated with the symptoms can cause an uneasy blood flow to your organs or muscles and create permanent nerve damage. This could lead to problems such as diabetes, kidney damage or strokes. If this is something you are questioning it is time to call Dr. Discont  or Dr. Krahn at 480-732-0033 and schedule an appointment located in Chandler. 

By Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC
March 02, 2016
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Proper Footwear   Shoes   Proper Shoes  

Your feet are your main source to get you where you’re going. If you don't choose proper shoes, you and your feet can suffer. If you suffer from pain and agony in your feet while undergoing everyday activities, you might just not be wearing the right shoe! Your podiatrist can help you choose the best shoe for your feet and your daily activity level. 

  • Don’t Multitask: It’s not recommended to use the same shoe for different activities. Walking shoes can be stiff and running shoes are more flexible. It's always better to have a couple extra pairs of shoes in your car than to try to wear the same shoes to the office in the morning and to go running at night. Would you wear leather loafers for a run at the track? Of course not! Keep this in mind and apply it to all activities throughout your day, such as wearing dress shoes for a long walk on city streets. It might seem like no big deal to feel a little discomfort in a situation like this, but if you do it on a regular basis, your feet will not thank you! 
  • Get to Know Your Feet: Feet come in many shapes and sizes. Many people have one foot that is larger than the other, or may need shoes wider or narrower than the shoes sold in most big-box clothing stores. Don't be afraid to go a little further afield for a great shoe. Try having your feet measured for a size at a reputable shoe store rather than guessing at what size you should wear. One size does not fit all, after all. You may be surprised to learn that you've been wearing the wrong size for years, and didn't even know it! 
  • Realize Your Feet Change: Your feet can change at any age and time. As you get older, your feet may change in size and shape. Measuring your foot frequently can help to ensure you are getting the suitable size for your feet. When you go shopping for shoes, it’s best to try the shoes on at the end of the day, because your feet swell as you walk on them. Get shoes that fit when your foot is the biggest, so you don't end up uncomfortable at dinner when you were snug at breakfast.
  • Breaking In Shoes: Many people expect shoes to become more comfortable over time, but this is only partially true. While shoes may soften as you wear them, your new shoes should feel comfortable right away. When trying on shoes, you should walk or run around the store to see if they feel good in action. If they don’t, keep searching for the right one.
  • Know When to Replace Your Shoes: No shoes are made to last a lifetime, so don’t try to keep them for one! If you're an active person, you'll notice that you go through shoes pretty quickly. In fact, running shoes should be replaced after around 350-400 miles of use. You should be able to tell if you need to shoes just by the look and feel of them. If the sole is worn out, if you can see your foot through a hole or if your shoes just feel less supportive, it’s time to go shopping!

Keep your feet healthy and maintained by choosing the appropriate shoes for you. Not sure what shoes are the right fit? Contact your podiatrist today!