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foot rehabilitationJake Locker, the quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, is recovering smoothly from a Lisfranc injury suffered last November.  Locker claims that rehabilitation from his surgery is ahead of schedule, and Coach Ken Whisenhunt is optimistic that Locker might be able to start practicing with the team as early as May.

“We’ve been able to do some things the last couple of weeks that we didn’t think we’d be able to this quick, and hopefully, we’ll be able to continue that kind of trend,” Locker said. “It could be even earlier than what we think.”

While eager to put Locker back on the field, Coach Whisenhunt understands the importance of caution in the rehabilitation process.  “Jake is a guy who is going to work hard and push it, which is an important part of rehab, but there’s a fine line and we just have to make sure we’re conservative on that,” Whisenhunt said.

If you or anyone you know requires rehabilitation from a recent injury, consult a podiatrist Dr. Alan J. Discont of Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC. Dr. Discont willadvise you on how best to proceed with your recovery and prevent further damage.

Foot Rehabilitation for Athletes

Injured athletes are always looking for ways to speed up their recoveries and return to the field. Podiatrists and physical therapists are often consulted to help with the rehabilitation process, ensuring that the athlete work through the injury in a safe, smart way that won’t cause additional harm. Rehabilitation often requires a lot of discipline and hard work, but is necessary to heal the injury and prevent it from coming back.

Physical Therapy Gives Hope

Physical therapy helps keep athletes as active as they can be without putting excessive stress on the injury, which prepares them to return to the field once they become healed. Physical therapy often gives athletes hope.  However, in cases of serious injury the athlete may never be able to return to the game.  Still, this does not mean it is the end of the road because there is always hope to get better. It is best to seek out rehabilitation as soon as possible to enhance the likelihood for a full recovery.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office in Chandler, AZ. We offer the latest in diagnostic and treatment technologies to meet your needs.

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10 May 2013; Dublin hurler Simon Lambert poses for a portrait during the Dublin GAA open night. Dublin GAA Portrait Session, Ballyboden St Endas GAA Club, Dublin. Picture credit: Stephen McCarthy / SPORTSFILESimon Lambert, a player on Dublin’s hurling team, was going after a ball during a challenge when he was suddenly sidelined with a painful injury to his lower-extremities. It turns out that he had ruptured ligaments in both legs, including a cruciate ligament, and would need surgery in order to fully recover.

Lambert underwent his procedure last August, and since then he’s been going through postoperative therapy get himself ready for the 2014 season this summer. “It was hard, nearly getting involved in stuff on the sideline when you want to be on the pitch playing,” Lambert stated.

Participating in physical therapy after dealing with a foot or ankle injury can be critical to making a full recovery. If you need help with the therapy process, speak to podiatrist Dr. Alan J. Discont of Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC. Dr. Discont will assess the progress you’ve made so far and recommend a plan to help you recover from your injury.  

Most common injuries

People who are constantly on their feet are prone to a variety of injuries. Therefore, it is important to take part in physical therapy in order to get back on the right track quickly.

What to do when injured

Physical Therapy – This specialized treatment will focus on the affected area, speeding up recovery and the overall healing process. This is important for those wanting to get back into the game quickly. It is a proven method that has helped millions of people return from any injury.

During physical therapy you will undergo regimented training to get back into full form. Training is often very difficult, especially at first when the foot feels weak. These are some steps physical therapy often involves:

  1. Basic stretching & twisting exercises – getting the feet’s mobility and flexibility up.
  2. Massaging – the therapist will massage the injured area in order to activate the muscles and relax them.
  3. Strengthening Exercises – this allows the muscles in the affected area to regain their full strength, a vital step towards full recovery.

With the advancements in technology and greater knowledge of how muscles and joints work, physical therapists can turn things around dramatically.    

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office in Chandler, AZ. We offer the latest in diagnostic and treatment technologies to meet your needs.

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Andres TorresAndres Torres, outfielder for the San Francisco Giants is projected to have surgical treatment in the nearby future. The player needs to have bone spurs removed from his left Achilles tendon. Succeeding surgery, Torres needs a recovery time that can last up to six months according to manager Bruce Bochy.

“He had his ups and downs just like our team,” Bochy commented, “He struggled from the left side. In the outfield, he wasn’t as sharp defensively. He thinks the Achilles played a part in that. It’s fair to say, it wasn’t the type of year he was hoping for and we were hoping for.” Torres’ position will be provisionally given to one of the evoked players on the roster extension.

It is important to carefully consider all treatment options before choosing a surgical treatment. If you are experiencing foot or ankle pain and are considering surgery, you should see a podiatrist like Dr. Alan Discont of Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC to understand how crucial foot surgery is before making adjustments. With Dr. Discont’s help, your injury can be evaluated properly and the right treatment options can be provided for you.

When is Foot Surgery Needed?

Foot surgery is usually required in events where regular therapy has proven to be ineffective. Surgeons often use foot surgery as a last resort because of its invasive nature. In many cases physical therapy, medication, rest, exercise, and casts can help to heal a foot injury.

However, sometimes you may need to have surgery done without ever having an injury. Foot surgery can correct a birth defect or deformity or be used for reconstructive purposes. Foot surgery is designed to improve the quality of your feet and to help you return to your daily life.

In extreme cases where the foot cannot be saved, or is beyond repair and is hinders the health of nearby parts of the body, amputation may be a necessary. However the main goal is to save the feet, making such options a last resort.

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