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By Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC
March 23, 2017
Category: Foot Pain
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Do your feet feel like you are walking on hot coals but you’re not a firewalker? There is no magic here but there are several reasons that can cause your feet to burn. Dr. Discont and Dr. Krahn specialize in burning feet and can offer some information that will help you diagnose and treat your ailments.

Here are some of the offenders:

  • Nerve damage can make your feet feel like they are burning since the nerves are not functioning properly
  • Fatigue and over exertion can cause temporary burning in your feet
  • Excessive alcohol intake is hard to measure but should be considered
  • Exposure to certain toxins in drugs and supplements can damage peripheral nerves and blood vessels causing swelling in feet
  • Vitamin deficiencies in B12 play an important role with the nervous system, therefore lack of this vitamin can contribute to burning
  • Hypertension is related to blood circulation which can be a contributor as it effects the pulse rate in your feet
  • Infectious diseases such as HIV and Lyme can create some issues with your feet and burning is among them

The common thread here is nerve damage or the effects of nerve damage and is all related to the sensation of burning and tingling whether it be temporary or permanent.  Diabetes, which we did not mention earlier, is the most dangerous since it threatens so many other parts of one’s health. If you suffer from diabetes and your feet are burning, then you should contact a doctor right away.

Put the fire out with these remedies:

  • Exercise has long term effects on curing burning feet. Blood circulation is compromised when burning occurs therefore, getting those limbs moving is essential
  • Vitamin B3 also known as niacin strengthens the nerves and prevents them from breaking down
  • Cold foot bath is recommended to cool the feet and temporarily relieve pain
  • Strong shoe insoles will protect the feet from friction and creates a cushion to minimize pain
  • Hawthorne and/or thyme are herbs that help increase blood flow and dilate the blood vessels to help circulation
  • Barefoot walkers are better than firewalkers! If your feet start to burn remove your shoes and enjoy the soft grass or sand for a few minutes

While most of these are temporary relief solutions to burning feet, you can seek help from Family Foot & Ankle Care PC to get more permanent treatment. Arizona may be hot but your feet do not need to be. Call Dr. Discont in Chandler AZ at 480-732-0033 and set up an appointment to cool your soles!

By Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC
February 10, 2017
Category: Foot Pain

Your feet need to carry you through the day and if they are not cooperating, you may want to ask yourself these 5 simple questions to see if there is something more to your foot discomfort or pain.

  1. Do you feel like your feet have pins and needles poking into them?
  2. Are your feet cold while the rest of your body seems to be at the right temperature?
  3. Have your feet become pale or changed in color to a light red or blue?
  4. Do you have sores on your feet that are not healing quickly?
  5. Have you noticed a slow growth pattern in your toe nails or toe hair?

Life does not always allow the time or convenience to maintain an ideal lifestyle. Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC  can provide you with the treatment you need if you can identify with one or more of the following:

  • Unhealthy lifestyle decisions
  • Not exercising enough or at all
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Poor food and meal choices

However, there are some helpful steps you can take to prevent poor foot circulation that does not require a huge change in your daily lifestyle:

  • Good foot hygiene and taking care of your corns and calluses right away
  • Inspect your feet for change in color or sores that have not healed
  • Wear proper shoes  that do not create pressure on parts of your feet
  • See your doctor to treat wounds or infections before they become worse

If numbness or tingling in your feet occurs you may be at risk for  more serious diseases.  Some of these habits associated with the symptoms can cause an uneasy blood flow to your organs or muscles and create permanent nerve damage. This could lead to problems such as diabetes, kidney damage or strokes. If this is something you are questioning it is time to call Dr. Discont  or Dr. Krahn at 480-732-0033 and schedule an appointment located in Chandler. 

November 23, 2015
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Diabetes   Neuropathy   Nerve Damage  

A new article by Doctor Tipster has outlined 10 different tips for managing diabetes, which is great for any diabetic patient in order for them to understand the best ways to go about managing their diabetes. One of the specific aspects of this management is proper foot care. “You need to be very serious with your foot care. Diabetes can result in neuropathy or nerve damage. It starts in the feet and so if you take good care of your feet, then you will be safe.”

Diabetics must pay special attention to their feet to help prevent any complications. If you have diabetic foot concerns, consult with Dr. Alan Discont, D.P.M. of Family Foot and Ankle Care. Dr. Discont will provide quality care for your diabetic feet.  

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes affects millions of people every year. Diabetes can damage blood vessels in many parts of the body, including the feet. Because of this, taking care of your feet is essential if you have diabetes, and having a podiatrist help monitor your foot health is highly recommended.

The Importance of Caring for Your Feet

  • Routinely inspect your feet for bruises or sores.
  • Wear socks that fit your feet comfortably.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that provide adequate support.

Patients with diabetes should have their doctor monitor their blood levels because blood sugar levels play such a huge role in diabetic care. Monitoring these levels on a regular basis is highly advised.

It is always best to inform your healthcare professional of any concerns you may have regarding your feet, especially for diabetic patients. Early treatment and routine foot examinations are keys to maintaining proper health, especially because severe complications can arise if proper treatment is not applied.

If you have any questions, please contact our office in Chandler, AZ. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.

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