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By Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC
August 14, 2017
Category: Foot Conditions
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One common foot issue that often prompts patients to visit the podiatrist is hammertoe. Hammertoe is a foot condition that is not only painful, but also embarrassing for patients who want to wear certain types of shoes and show off their feet. Learn more about what causes hammertoe and how it can be resolved at your podiatrist’s office.

What Is a Hammertoe?

The muscles of your toe help keep it in proper alignment so that it lies straight, the same way that your fingers look when you lay them out on a table. But in some cases, the joints in the toe become weakened, causing the top end of the toe to bend forward. This is called hammertoe—it usually happens to one or all of the middle three toes of the foot. In some cases the hammertoe is flexible, meaning that the toe can be manually bent back up into position, but in other cases it is rigid and can’t be adjusted. Hammertoe makes it difficult or even impossible to comfortably wear and walk in everyday shoes.

What Causes Hammertoe?

Hammertoe is most commonly caused by wearing bad shoes for extended periods of time. It is a problem often found in women because they like to wear attractive high heels that do unfortunate things to their feet. The design of many high heeled shoes causes the feet and toes to push up against the rigid front and bend them into the shape of a hammertoe. In some cases, people are more prone to hammertoe due to genetics or because of medical condition, like diabetes.

Treatments for Hammertoe

The treatment plan of choice for hammertoe is a combination of foot exercises, physical therapy and custom­made orthotic shoes or inserts. Placing a splint on the affected toe can also help it heal back into its correct position. If the area is painful, your podiatrist may also administer cortisone injections. In the case of rigid hammertoe, where you lose the ability to move the toe up or down, surgery may be necessary to fix the joint.

Hammertoe is an embarrassing foot problem, but the good news is that it can be corrected or relieved in most cases. It is best treated when you catch it in its early stages, so make an appointment with your podiatrist at the first signs of a bending toe.

By Alan J. Discont, DPM, FACFAS
December 03, 2013
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Chandler AZ Podiatrist Heel PainEvery mile that you walk places 60 tons of stress on each of your feet.  While your feet can handle a heavy load, too much stress pushes them over their limits.  When you pound your feet on hard surfaces playing sports or wear shoes that irritate sensitive tissues, you may develop heel pain, which is the most common problem affecting the foot and ankle. 
Heel pain will usually get better on its own without surgery if you give it enough rest, but many people will often ignore the early signs of heel pain and continue with their activities, causing further pain.  Dr. Alan Discont offers some simple tips for treating your heel pain in Chandler so that you can remain active.

Treat your Heel Pain in Chandler with Help from Dr. Discont

In order to properly treat heel pain, you must absorb shock, provide cushioning and elevate the heel to transfer pressure. Treatment begins at home when heel pain is caught in its early stage:
  • Stretching exercises
  • Avoid going barefoot
  • ICE
  • Limit activities
  • Shoe modifications
  • Medications
If you are still experiencing pain after several weeks, consult Dr. Alan Discont in Chandler about heel pain for further treatment.  Continue with preventative measures, even after treatment, to prevent any other developments. Your Concord podiatrist will be able to help you with a proper prevention plan.