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April 26, 2018
Category: Foot Conditions
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Most of us do not notice a problem with our feet until it is too late. When we notice our feet are discolored, feel funny, are always cold, or are in pain, this is the time we usually react to the difference our feet feel. When our feet are in constant motion, it is easy to forget about them and drudge on with our daily tasks. Because of this, we sometimes acquire conditions such as ischemic foot which cause discomfort in our feet.

What Is Ischemic Foot?

Ischemic foot is a condition that causes a lack of blood flow to the arteries in the feet. This lack of blood flow can be caused by blocked arteries, spasms, an injury or poor diet. This condition also causes a lack of oxygen in the foot, which puts it at risk for severe injury or amputation.

Diagnosing Ischemic Foot

Depending on the type of symptoms a person experiences, a podiatrist will look at the following to make a diagnosis:

Early symptoms:

  • cold feet
  • purple or red discoloration of the toes
  • muscle cramping after walking

More severe symptoms:

  • a sore that won't heal,
  • pain at rest
  • gangrene (tissue death)

A podiatrist will examine the affected foot and may order tests to see how the blood is flowing within the foot. If a podiatrist notices cold skin, skin that is dying, or skin that is shiny or paper-thin, then they may suspect that you suffer from ischemic foot. A podiatrist may also notice that the toes are purple or white, depending on the angle that they lift them. This is another sign of poor blood circulation and can indicate ischemic foot disorder. Other obvious signs include ulcers or gangrene of the foot.

In order to confirm the diagnosis, a podiatrist may order an MRI or Cat Scan to confirm the diagnosis.


If the disorder is caught in its early stages, then a podiatrist may have a patient use orthotics, buy new shoes, and take walks to help their circulation. In more severe cases, surgery may be required to unblock an artery that is causing the poor circulation.

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