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September 13, 2017
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With so much emphasis put on eating healthy, brushing your teeth, and other basic health requirements, you may not even realize that proper foot careyour feet require everyday care. However, this is a crucial and fragile part of your body prone to injury. Find out how you can properly care for your feet with Dr. Alan Discont and Dr. Morten Krahn at Family Foot and Ankle Care in Chandler, AZ.

What is a podiatrist? 
Podiatry is a medical specialty focusing on the foot and its bones and connective tissues. A podiatrist is an expert in the foot and must have years of extensive foot and ankle training and residency before obtaining their DPM, or doctor of podiatric medicine, titles. Often, podiatrists are also surgeons, qualified to perform surgeries on the feet like bunionectomy or tendon release surgery.

How should I care for my feet? 
Foot care is especially important for those with diabetes, as their condition can decrease blood flow to the feet and cause numbness. Caring for your feet only takes a few minutes a day and can mean the difference between preventing infections and foot-related conditions like ingrown toenails or bunions and ending up with serious complications. Be sure to wear clean, dry socks at all times. Change your socks at least once a day. Keep your feet dry and clean. Always wear shower shoes in public, damp places like locker rooms or public pools. Cut the toenails straight across and do not round their corners to avoid ingrown toenails. Wear comfortable, flat shoes with enough room in the toe box for your toes to lay flat and straight.

Foot Examinations in Chandler, AZ
A foot examination is a simple way to give your podiatrist the opportunity to catch and treat potential issues early. Your doctor will visually examine the foot and ankle to find any areas of concern. If necessary, your doctor uses imagining techniques like x-rays.

For more information on proper foot care or foot examinations, please contact Dr. Alan Discont and Dr. Morten Krahn at Family Foot and Ankle Care in Chandler, AZ. Call 480-732-0033 to schedule your appointment with your podiatrist today!