By Alan J. Discont, DPM, FACFAS
October 08, 2013
Category: Foot Care
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Know When to Visit Your Chandler, AZ Podiatrist

Problems with your feet can be nagging and cause you a great deal of pain. Sometimes to alleviate this pain you need to visit your podiatrist. However, not every problem with your feet requires an appointment with Dr. Alan Discont, your podiatrist in Chandler.
Sometimes all you need is rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medicine or even just a change of shoes. However, when certain problems will not go away, you may need a doctor’s help. Foot pain is not normal and putting up with painful feet is never comfortable. Visit your Chandler podiatrist, Dr. Discont, at Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC when a problem arises. Chandler AZ Podiatrist
So how do you know when to visit Dr. Discont? Here are a few instances when you should visit us at Family Foot & Ankle Care:
A Wound or Sore Does Not Heal - If you have an open sore on your foot or ankle, you should visit Dr. Discont, your Chandler, AZ podiatrist, immediately. This is especially important if you have diabetes, as it usually takes you longer to heal.
Aging Feet - As you begin putting more mileage on your feet, you may notice that your feet may change shape, lose cushioning, develop arthritis, and a host of other complications. It is important that as you age, you pay very close attention to the health of your feet and contact your podiatrist whenever you experience pain or other symptoms.
Pain That Increases with Activity - If you are experiencing pain that gets worse with activity, it may be a sign of a stress fracture. You should not try to work through the pain, as this can make the problem worse. Instead, you should visit your podiatrist as soon as you can. If you treat a stress fracture early, you can avoid it getting worse or turning into an actual broken bone.
Your Pain Lasts More Than 24 Hours - If your pain lasts for more than 24 hours do not hesitate to call Dr. Alan Discont, your podiatrist in Chandler, AZ. If there is a problem, it is better to deal with as soon as possible, as it is important to discover the source of your pain.
Don’t ignore your foot or heel pain. Contact Dr. Alan Discont, your foot doctor in Chandler, for proper diagnosis and treatment by calling (480) 732-0033.

Are you experiencing any pain in your feet?  When was the last time you visited your podiatrist for a checkup?