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June 21, 2017
Category: Foot Care
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When you decided to share everything with your partner, you probably never thought that foot infections would be one of the things that foot fungusyour shared. Unfortunately, when one partner develops a fungal foot infection, it's not unusual for the other partner to become infected. Our Chandler, AZ, podiatrists, Dr. Alan Discont and Dr. Krahn, share a few tips that will prevent the spread of your infection.

Use appropriate cleaners

Kill fungus on bathtubs and shower stalls with cleaning products that contain bleach.

Stop sharing

Don't use the same towels, washcloths, shower poufs, socks or shoes. Wash washable items as soon as you use them, or at least separate them from your partner's laundry to prevent the spread of the infection.

Get rid of the bathmat

Many people don't realize that their bathmats can harbor fungus. Use a towel on the floor in place of the mat when you have Athlete's foot or toenail fungus. Make sure no one else uses the towel after you do.

Put a sock on it

Fungus can transfer to floors and other surfaces from your feet. Wear socks, shoes or slippers in the house to keep the infection to yourself. Donning a pair of socks can prevent your partner from infection during the night. If you can't get used to sleeping in socks, make sure you change the sheets every day.

Wash your laundry in hot water

Water that is at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit will kill the fungus. It's a good idea to keep your socks separate from your partner's laundry, both in the hamper and when you wash them.

Visit the foot doctor

Over-the-counter products aren't always effective in killing foot fungus. If it's been weeks since you noticed the problem, and your Athlete's foot or toenail fungus hasn't improved, make an appointment with our Chandler office. Prescription oral or topical anti-fungal medications may finally help you get your problem under control.

Are you tired of living with a foot infection? Call our Chandler, AZ, podiatrists, Drs. Discont and Krahn, at (480) 732-0033 to schedule an appointment.