Poor CirculationA study done by scientists at the University of Colorado suggests that the likelihood of heart attacks in people who suffer from peripheral arterial disease can be lowered by taking medication for high blood pressure. PAD is often seen as a precursor for heart attacks, since it indicates poor circulation in the blood vessels near the heart.

The study took 53 PAD patients and gave blood pressure-controlling drugs to 22 of them. Of the 31 that didn’t take the drug, 12 of them had heart attacks while the experiment was being conducted. Only three of the patients that did take the medicine had heart attacks. This data could greatly influence the kind of treatment prescribed to PAD patients in the future.

Poor circulation, especially in the feet, is often a symptom of a larger problem. If you have circulation problems, contact a podiatrist like Dr. Alan Discont of Family Foot and Ankle Care, PC. Dr. Discont can diagnose your problem and get you the care you need.

What is Poor Circulation in the Feet?

Poor blood circulation in the feet and legs is caused by peripheral artery disease (PAD), which is the result of a buildup of plaque in the arteries.

Plaque buildup or atherosclerosis results from excess calcium and cholesterol in the bloodstream. It usually restricts the amount of blood which can flow through the arteries. Poor blood circulation in the feet and legs are sometimes caused by inflammation in the blood vessels, known as vasculitis.


Lack of oxygen and oxygen from poor blood circulation restricts muscle growth and development.

It can also cause:

-muscle pain   
-numbness in legs
-skin discoloration
-slower nail & hair growth
-erectile dysfunction

Those who have diabetes and or smoke are at greatest risk for poor circulation, or who are over 50.

If you have poor circulation in the feet and legs it may be caused by PAD, and is important to make changes to your lifestyle in order to reduce risk of getting a heart attack or stroke. Exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle will dramatically improve conditions

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