Jordan Spieth during the PGA Tour's 2014 Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines.Despite a strong start at Torrey Pines, golfer Jordan Spieth couldn’t keep his momentum going at the Farmers Insurance Open. Spieth finished at T-19, partially due to an undiagnosed ankle injury.

"My ankle's pretty messed up; I felt it the second day on the back nine and I just kind of . . . I guess from there I just stopped loading as well on it and I started missing fairways," he said. Spieth isn’t sure where the injury came from, but he thinks it might have contributed to his lack of control on the course.

If  you attempt to play sports with a foot or ankle injury, not only will your athletic performance be impaired, but you will also be running the risk of the injury getting worse. If you have questions, consider calling podiatrist Dr. Alan Discont of Family Foot and Ankle Care, PC. Dr. Discont will describe what health hazards you might be subject to if you keep playing sports before you are recovered.

Playing Sports With Foot Injuries

Many types of foot injuries affect athletes over the course of their athletic career. Despite their setbacks, many of these athletes will continue to play with mild foot injuries and attempt to ‘push’ through the pain. In order to be able to prevent injuries, it is important to stretch before any activity, wear proper footwear and replace shoes as needed. Some of the foot injuries athletes are at risk for include:

· Turf toe- upward bending of the big toe outside normal range of motion
· Stress Fractures
· Overpronation- excessive foot movement during gait
· Plantar Fasciitis- swollen ligament in the foot’s base
· Strains

There are many types of treatments that are necessary to keep the injury from becoming more serious. Ice is often used to reduce swelling and inflammation while applying a compression bandage can help reduce pain and stress on the foot. For more serious injuries it is recommended to consult with a podiatrist or orthopedic specialist as fractures and other serious conditions may require surgery.

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