Closer Look at Jon Beason's Foot Injury, Sesamoid FractureLast month, New York Giants linebacker Jon Beason fractured one the sesamoid bones in his right foot. Normally surgery would be needed to treat this kind of injury, but his doctor persuaded him to try a special non-invasive procedure instead.

Beason’s damaged bone was secured in place by a cast and then left alone to heal itself. The Giants won’t reveal any details about his rehabilitation to the public, but based off of the original plan set up by his doctor, he should be getting his cast removed soon. If Beason’s foot still hurts after he returns to playing, he might have to get surgery after all.

As athletes recover from foot and ankle injuries, they often have to rehabilitate the affected area to get it back to full health. If you are an athlete looking to start foot rehabilitation, come to the office of podiatrist Dr. Alan Discont, D.P.M. of Family Foot and Ankle Care. Dr. Discont will provide you with a comprehensive rehabilitation plan that takes all of your needs into account.

Foot Rehabilitation for Athletes

Injured athletes are always looking for better, faster ways to aid their recovery and get back to the sport they love. To do this, podiatrists and physical therapists are often consulted so the injured athlete can get back onto the field as soon as possible. But rehabbing an injury is just as serious as the injury itself, and going through the motions of physical therapy or rehabilitation is a necessary process to keeping that injury at bay.

Sports Therapist or Physical Therapist?

If an athlete gets a foot injury, it is essential to receive foot rehabilitation to ensure proper healing. Sports therapists are more focused on athletic-related injuries than general physical therapists. It is important for an athlete to become healed properly because if they attempt to get back into their game before they are physically well, they could re-aggravate the original injury or even suffer a new one.

Physical Therapy Gives Hope

Physical therapy helps to keep athletes as active as they are physically capable, which will get them ready to return to the field once their feet become healed.

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