By Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC
March 09, 2017
Category: Foot Conditions
Tags: toe nail fungus  

Don’t let your unsightly toe nail fungus keep you from wearing your favorite sandals!  Many people don’t even notice they have a fungal infection in their toenail and subsequently do not seek treatment. A group of fungi can easily attack the nail and live off the nail’s protein. As easily as it is to get attacked it can be equally easy to fight back. At Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC we understand the nature of these infection and can offer some suggestions to aid in your battle with any of your toe nail issues.

Ten Clever Tips to Remove or Avoid Nail Fungal Infections: 

· Sun Tan Toes ~ Soak up the sun not the fungus. Fungus thrives in moist and dark places so give it some light. Keep them naturally dry by exposing them to the sun whenever you can.

· Soak without Soap ~ Cider vinegar isn’t just for salad anymore. Add the cider to warm water and soak for at least 10 minutes. You can mix it up (and I’m not talking about salad) by using a blow dryer to get every nook and cranny dry when you’re done.

· Garlic Toes? ~ Yes, garlic is a great topical treatment. Crush fresh garlic and apply it to the fungal infected area. It has antimicrobial properties that will kill the infection. Not recommended on date night.

· Dry Little Piggies ~ Keeping your feet dry all the time is important so the bacteria can’t grow. Dry your toes thoroughly with a towel after a shower or a swim, change socks if you have been sweating in your sneakers or even if you had a little fun in the rain.

· Barefoot is Beautiful ~ Naked feet means light and airy instead of dark and gloomy. Take them for a good walk on the beach and let your toes enjoy the sand.  But keep your shoes close by in case you need to walk in public areas.

· Safe Socks ~ Let your feet breathe in cotton socks. Suffocation will not snuff fungus out but instead force it to grow and live longer. Use cotton and remember to change them when they get wet from sweat and do not reuse them, ever.

Prevention is always better than having to find a cure after the fact but if you missed the boat call Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC and make an appointment with Dr. Discont or Dr. Krahn at 480-732-0033 in our Chandler, AZ office.