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August 20, 2019
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Plantar fasciitis, a foot condition that affects roughly .85 percent of Americans according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, is a major cause of heel and foot pain. It can develop due to an injury, daily habits, or a foot deformity that may be genetic. Get educated about plantar fasciitis and have it treated professionally by a podiatrist at Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC in Chandler, AZ.

About Plantar Fasciitis

There is a ligament that runs from the back of your heel to your toes called the plantar fascia. This thick band-like ligament can become inflamed, stretched, or torn, causing pain throughout the foot and particularly in the heel. People who have flat feet (fallen arches) often have an issue with plantar fasciitis. Because of the damage to the ligament, the heel becomes painful when you walk or press down on it directly.

Signs You May Have Plantar Fasciitis

Here are a few clear signs that you may have plantar fasciitis and need treatment:

- Intense, sharp pain that radiates from the heel to the toes and under the foot.
- Hesitating to step down on your heel due to the discomfort, which changes the way that you walk and can cause other foot-related issues.
- Heel spurs, which are tiny bony growths under the heel.
- Discomfort in the feet at night or in the morning before you get out of bed.

Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis

The sooner you seek treatment for plantar fasciitis, the better your chances will be of correcting the issue and restoring your foot health. These are some of the most common conservative treatments:

- Orthotic supports, custom-formed for your feet.
- Ice therapy to reduce swelling and pain.
- Corticosteroid injections to provide pain relief.
- Stretching exercises and physical therapy.
- Changing your footwear and avoiding flip flops or high heels.

Get Support and Treatment from a Podiatrist in Chandler, AZ

Keeping your feet healthy is important for your long-term mobility and wellness. Schedule a foot exam with a podiatrist at Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC in Chandler, AZ to see if you may have plantar fasciitis and to explore treatments. Call (480) 732-0033 today for an appointment.