The insurance companies of patients with hammertoes may require their patients to attempt non-surgical treatments before agreeing to pay for corrective surgery. Non-surgical treatments can involve the use of non-invasive methods such as a custom-made orthotic insert to decrease discomfort or a splint to hold the hammertoe in the correct position if it can still be straightened. Non-medicated pads can also be added to the top of the deformed joint to protect the toe from rubbing against the shoe. Invasive methods include the use of analgesic or anti-inflammatory drugs to help ease pain and swelling, as well as cortisone injections. In general, prevention of exacerbation involves wearing properly fitted shoes that leave a gap of at least half an inch between the longest of your toes and the tip of the shoe and avoiding wearing high heels.

For successful hammertoe correction you may require the help of a health professional. If you would like treatment for a hammertoe, see podiatrist Dr. Alan Discont, D.P.M. of Family Foot and Ankle Care. Dr. Discont will provide you with quality treatment and attend to all of your foot and ankle needs.


Hammertoe is little-known a painful condition that affects the second, third and fourth toes involving different joints of the toe and foot. Hammertoe can be caused by many other conditions such as RA (rheumatoid arthritis), osteoarthritis, trauma or injuries to your foot, it can be hereditary and it can also be caused by a cerebral vascular accident. If you wear shoes that are too narrow or short for your feet, it may exacerbate any pain you already have.

It is really important to your overall well-being to seek out medical attention at the first signs of foot pain or anything that may hinder your ability to walk in a normal manner. Taking care of your feet is one of the first steps to being able to live a full and healthy life.

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