Santa MonicaLisa Stothard, a small-time actress whose brief appearances on screen perhaps culminated with ‘bus stop beauty’ in Dumb and Dumber, is suing the city of Santa Monica over injuries sustained at a city-owned skating rink. 

While at the rink with her daughter for a friend’s birthday, a boy “skating at a wildly excessive rate” crashed into Stothard, according to lawsuit.  Stothard broke her leg and dislocated an ankle.  The suit alleges that the boy’s unsafe skating was seen but not deterred by staff members, and holds the city responsible under premises liability.

Husband Daniel Bernhardt filed an additional suit claiming loss of consortium, which is the loss of marital or household benefits when a spouse is unable to continue preforming regular duties.

Sports related foot or ankle injuries often require the attention of a specialist.  For questions or treatment options, see podiatrist Dr. Alan J. Discont of Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC. Dr. Discontwill provide the care that you need.  

Sport Related Foot and Ankle Injuries 

Foot and ankle injuries are a common occurrence when it comes to athletes of any sport. While many athletes dismiss the initial aches and pains, the truth is that ignoring potential foot and ankle injuries can lead to serious problems. As athletes continue to place pressure and strain the area further, a mild injury can turn into something as serious as a rupture and may lead to a permanent disability. There are many factors that contribute to sports related foot and ankle injuries, which include failure to warm up properly, not providing support or wearing bad footwear. Common injuries and conditions athletes face, including:

•           Plantar Fasciitis
•           Plantar Fasciosis
•           Achilles Tendinitis
•           Achilles Tendon Rupture
•           Ankle Sprains

Sports-related injuries are commonly treated using the RICE method. This includes rest, applying ice to the injured area, compression and elevating the ankle. More serious sprains and injuries may require surgery, which could include arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery. Rehabilitation and therapy may also be required in order to get any recovering athlete to become fully functional again. Any unusual aches and pains an athlete sustains must be evaluated by a licensed, reputable medical professional.

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