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By Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC
September 12, 2018
Category: exercise
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As we age, what should we start to look out for when it comes to our foot and ankle health? We know that it can be hard sometimes to consider these impending realities, but we believe that aging can be a beautiful thing. Think about it - if you’re experiencing something for the first time, wouldn’t you rather be prepared ahead of time to know what you’re getting yourself into before it happens? It can be scary to go head or toe first into a new experience without any prior knowledge of what to expect. The same goes for aging, no matter what age you are or what age you are about to become. Here’s a helpful read on what to look out for:

As we age, one of the first things you might begin to notice is the reduction of your own flexibility. While a few years ago you could reach that spot on your back by twisting your arm around, you may not be able to do that same maneuver today or tomorrow. There are many factors that go into when or how quickly these difficulties can start, such as your diet, activity level, your weight, and other health conditions you may develop or experience.

However, one thing is for sure! It’s never too late to start getting yourself on a better path of wellness for the benefit of your feet and ankles. As for reduced flexibility, you can imagine how staying as active as you can may help alleviate this common difficulty of growing older. The more active you are, the more often your feet and ankles are used and keep moving! Therefore, the less quickly your onset of inflexibility and symptoms from conditions like arthritis will impact your daily life. You owe it to yourself to commit to a positive change.

At your next appointment with Dr. Alan J. Discont, ask about custom exercises and ways to start slowly and safely. Aging doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Call Family Foot & Ankle Care, PC today at (408) 732-0033 to schedule your next appointment at our great location in Chandler, Arizona.